Thursday, January 27, 2011

F4U corsair by parkzone

PARK ZONE F4U CORSAIR PNP.This is another great flying war plane.It flys very stable and pretty fast with the 2-blade 9.57.5 prop and 2200 mah lipo.landing gear a little weak.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Parkzones extra 300 PNP

This is another one of parkzones great pnp park flyers .the extra 300 had a roughf start as parkzone gave wrong instructions on the planes cg location.In the end ,if you just push battery all the way forward in its compartment all will be fine.If you put it where the instructions say too put it ,well good n luck landing it as it will be very tail heavy.Knowing this in the begining,my first flite was right on.This plane is very fast, and handles of all ,is the landings are very smooth.Picture on right shows propper battery location,pushed all the way forwar with the velcro holding wires only.I have flow this plane about 6 times so far and still love it.I have tryed a couple of diferant props ,and was supprized that the 9inch prop off my parkzone corsair works great.The plane has a stock prop that is a speed prop of sorts,and the corsair prop able to fly plane alot slower, and the 30 amp speed controler isnt getting hot or even warm.People have said alot about this plane and how badly it flys slow,but truthfully it flys great at any speed!

Saturday, July 31, 2010

messerschmitt Bf-109G pnp rc plane from parkzone

one of parkzones pnp models is the Messerschmitt Bf-109g .It was my first war plane. this plane came out of the box with a 3 bladed prop with a 15-size 720kv brushless flew great but but the motors didnt last long.If you hit the nose on landings the motor would break.The motors where not made out of all metal , but had plastic type of end caps that broke easy.I picked up an all metal motor at local and on line place called RC HOT Deals.The new motor was twice the size of the original and could swing a 14 inch prop with a 50 amp speed controler.ther was not much of a weight differance.Ive had many flites now on this plane and many crashes allso,but motor works great.This plane is very fast with the setup i went with. I used a tunigy 40 amp brushless speed controler and program card . A bl-2826/6 730kv 175 gram brushless motor from rc hot deals. And a 12x12 E two bladed apc prop and spinner , with a 2200 mah 3-cell lipo battery. I did install the optional flaps using two 9-gram servos, a reverse y harness and the the linkage hardware that came with the plane.So overall this is a great plane.It flys very nice and looks great flying by! The flaps work great for short takeoffs,but not to much differance on landings.Even with maximum throughs on alieron control surfaces you loose alot of roll by spliting the alierons in half for have less surface. I would highly recomend this plane

Friday, April 2, 2010

e-flite enticement 3-d profile

So after building and flying e-flites 4-site plane I liked it so much I got another e-flite plane the enticement.I used all of the suggested electronics as follows.E-flite park 250 motor,E-flite 6 gram micro servos(4) 9amp speed controler,and a thunder power 480 mah 2-cell lipo.This plane went together nicely and flew amazzing right out thebox.CG was right on the first flight,whitch was inside father in laws ware house.I am really impressed with e- flite kits! below are some vids just click on boxes below. I use a spektrum dx-6 radio. enjoy!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

e-flites 4-site 250 arf profile bi plane.

Pictures of the e-flite 4-site and some videos

lets talk about the e-flite 250 arf 4-site profile bi plane. This plane comes in a kit, but has been discontinued. My kit came with all hardwere, and the depron plane itself. No electronics. This build was fairly easy & only took a few hours. The depron is very brittle so caution should be used when handling it. If you look at it wrong - it will break. All the pieces in my kit fit together nicely & in the end came out very straight. You need to work on a very flat surface & when gluing parts together, make sure to put down wax paper or something similiar so you do not glue your plane to the work surface. I used the following electronics which were recomended by the manufacturer. I installed an e-flite park 250 brushless outrunner motor with a weight of about 14grams, a thunderbird 9amp brushless speed controller at about 8-9grams, I used 3 e-flite S60 supersub micro servos which is a 6gram servo. The manufacturer suggested battery size was a 350mah-2cell, 7.4 volt lipo - I used a thunder power prolite v2, 480mah, 7.4 volt 2cell lipo. I am also using a 430mah, 2cell & both work very well. I am using a spectrum dx-6 transmitter with ar6000 spectrum reciever. I have flown this plane a few times trying out the different size air brakes. The kit comes with 2 sizes - large & medium. This plane is meant for indoor flying but I've been flying outside on calm days with the medium air brakes. Out of all of my planes, this plane has quickly become one of my favorites. Please click on box below to see video

Saturday, November 7, 2009

bounce 3-d video

"BOUNCE 3-D I was looking for another plane to add to my arsenol.After flying my depron yak for last couple years,I wanted something the same but better.Depron can be brittle and though I love my yak ,it breaks very easy.then I came across a gentalman named Ale out flying one weekend,who let me fly his home made lazer cut 3-plane.It was like my yak but bigger ,but when crashed,it bounched back .He told me that he had the kits for sale at a few local hobby stores,but could build one for me. Before I aggreed, I asked to see it fly again.It flew great but then he flew it into a tree and said watch this.He grabbed a big stick and slamed it out of tree and onto the ground.I was shocked that any one would do this to a plane, I knew it was going to be totaled.Then he said he wasnt done and walked over to the plane and kicked into the street.I was amazed when he then walked over to it and picked it up,and started hovering it around.It wasnt broke at all,. aLL i COULD SAY AT THAT POINT IS ,iLL TAKE ONE!!!
It since then has become my favorite plane to fly,and I have allready learned to hover it outside and even inside my house in a short time.I highly recomend this kit to any one trying to learn to fly a 3-d plane.The power system came from RC HOT It consists of a brushless bl 2217-9 motor.A 30 amp speed controler.And four 9 gram servos.All for about 50 dollars.Im running a 10.4 prop and a 1000mah 3 cell lipo.Check out link below for vidio of this great plane in action!Allso contact me for more info on avialable kits.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

zippy lipos

Ive been buying zippy lipos from hong kongs hobbyking,and these batterys are great. They cost so much less than other batterys on the market and they work great.No puffing and they dont get hot.Every time i want to buy more they are back ordered.Know they are saling them buy the case.For 2200 3cell 25amp lipo they come out to be 14.99 each,and i beleave you get about 36 batts.Im using the 1000mah 25c 3cell and the zippy 2200 25c

2836 out runner motor

2836 out runner motor

servo conpartment

servo conpartment

bottom of yak

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im 43 years old and have been flying rc planes for 7years.i started out with the ready to fly aerobird,by hobbyzone,then i purchased a ready to fly stryker,by park zone.then I started building from kits after i bought a specrtum radio.




finished yak
park zone makes some reall nice flying planes.The typhoon,the typhoon.2,the strykers,and many more.The only problem is with there ready to fly versions.The remote systems are not that good.I purchased a typhoon 2 ready to fly ,did range test that went fine.But sure enough it glitched with magor results.I bought more parts and tryed again at diferent park this time ,only to have the same thing happen again.!!I then realized the importance of a glitch free system as an investment ,to save my planes and money on crashes that werent my fault.Friends I fly with have allso had this problem who have bought ready to fly.I ended up with a spectrum DX6 system that has been great .NO glitching.So know when I crash I know its my fault.Again the best investment you can make.Vidios below show typhoon in action with specrtum system

ther is so many places to fly!


me and my typhoons

jared with his stryker using new dx-6

Parkzones typhoon2 3-D

Parkzones typhoon2 3-D